Breeze Infinity Scarf

This lace weight yarn crochets up into a delicate, lacy shell pattern. The scarf is so light, making it perfect for spring, especially with the pastel color. 
I used one skein of Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Wonderland Heather with a D hook. 

Lacy shell: (tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr) in same st

Ch 67
Row 1: hdc in 3rd ch from hook, *sk 3 ch, lace shell in next ch, sk 3 ch, hdc in next ch; rep from * to end across

Row 2: ch4, turn, (tr, ch1, tr) in same st, *hdc in center of next lacy shell, work lacy shell in next hdc; rep from * to end across, hdc in last lacy shell, (tr, ch1, 2tr) in last hdc

Row 3: ch2, turn, hdc in same st, *lacy shell in next hdc, hdc in center of next lacy shell; rep from * to end across, work lacy shell into next hdc, hdc in turning ch

Rep rows 2-3 until you have reached the desired length of your scarf. I blocked this to open up the lace. After blocking, if you choose to block it, seam the ends together. 
My finished scarf is 10"x50". 
This is an alpaca yarn, which makes it really soft and fluffy. This was my first time using this yarn, but I really enjoyed it. 
Enjoy this pattern!
Xoxo, Alyssa 


  1. Dear Alyssa, I love your scarf and I really want to make it. However, as I am Dutch I can't figure out which crochet language you are using. American or English? It would be easier if you could add a small chart, just of the lace shell. My email address: Thank you so much!


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