Chevron Lace Cowl

This pretty lace chevron pattern is knit into a lovely cowl. The cowl is light and drapey, matching the delicate lace perfectly. 
I used two skeins of Knit Picks Palette in French Lavendar with size 9 needles. 

CO 60, longtail. If you wish, place a marker between sts 47 and 48. This marks where the lace edging pattern starts. 
Row 1: k47, k3, (yo, k2tog) 4x, yo, k2

Rows 2,4,6,8,10,12,14: k across

Row 3: k47, k4, (yo, k2tog) 4x, yo, k2

Row 5: k47, k5, (yo, k2tog) 4x, yo, k2

Row 7: k47, k6, (yo, k2tog) 4x, yo, k2

Row 9: k47, k7, (yo, k2tog) 4x, yo, k2

Row 11: k47, k8, (yo, k2tog) 4x, yo, k2

Row 13: k47, k9, (yo, k2tog) 4x, yo, k2

Rows 15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,30: k across 

Rows 16,18,20,22,24,26,28: k3, (k2tog, yo) 3x, k2tog, k to end. 

Rep rows 1-30 until job have knit the desired length. BO loosely, or using JSSBO, and then fasten off. I blocked this to make the points sharper and more defined, and the open up the lace. 
I love this bright purple color! 
I have come to really enjoy working with the Knit Picks Palette yarn. I like the fingering weight, and how this yarn can be really drapey, depending on the needle size. They also offer it in a ton of amazing colors! 
My finished cowl is about 15" wide at the points, and 46" long. 
Xoxo, Alyssa 


  1. Hi, can you tell me if the needles are 9US or 9 UK ?? I live in Canada and I am trying to convert it to m m ....thanks

  2. What type of BO is JSSBO, being from NZ I'm unfamiliar with some of these terms and abbreviations. This is very pretty, but the photo is indistinct; does it have the lacy pattern on both edges? I haven't time to check out the pattern just now, but would like to get into it as soon as I've finished my current project.

    1. JSSBO is Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, and I'm sure you can find a tutorial online. The lace pattern is only on one side of the scarf, but it is reversible.

    2. Thanks for your reply, yes, I think I'll find it, I'm discovering a host of great tutorials now I'm not working. This pattern uses fine yarn, is it easy or difficult to knit with the large needles and make it look as good as this does?

    3. I think it's pretty easy to use the larger needles for this scarf. Using larger needles gives it a better drape. I also blocked this, which does help even out any imperfections.


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