Saturday, May 31, 2014

Peachy Crystal Bracelet

This sparkly bracelet will look great this spring and summer. I tend to wear a lot of peach and coral, so this bracelet is the perfect accessory. 
Materials: assorted crystals (I used 6mm rounds, 4mm rounds, and 4mm bicones), headpins, chain, clasp, bent nose pliers, wire cutters, and round nose pliers. 
Cut a length of chain a little longer than your wrist. Attach a clasp. 
Thread a crystal onto a headpin, and bend to a right angle. 
Trim the end, then form the loop. Don't completely close the loop. 
Continue for all your crystals. 
Attach a crystal to each link of chain in a random order. 
Continue all the way around the bracelet. 
Add a second crystal to each link. I added them on the opposite side of the first crystal on each link. 
All finished!
Enjoy this bracelet!
Xoxo, Alyssa 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chunky Knit Necklace

The soft fibers of the yarn combined with the chunky navy nuggets makes an interesting statement piece. The necklace involves knitting an icord, and stringing beads. It's a simple tutorial, with great results. 
Materials: a few yards of Simply Soft in Dark Country Blue, coordinating nugget beads, small silver beads, chain, bead caps, toggle clasp, jump rings, crimp beads, beading wire, size 6 dpns, bent nose pliers, round nose pliers, and wire cutters. 
Cast on 3 stitches for the icord. Basically, you knit across, then slide the sts to the other end of the dpn and knit the sts. There is no turning involved. 
Continue knitting until it is 13" or the desired length. 
Finish off, and weave in the ends. 
Cut a length of wire, and attach the crimp bead with an eyepin. 
Start stringing the nuggets and silver beads until it is a little longer than the icord. Finish it off with the crimp bead and eyepin like the other side. 
Thread the end of the icord onto the eyepin, then thread the bead cap. 
Bend the eyepin, then trim the end and form a loop. Before closing, attach a piece of chain. 
Repeat for the other side. Then attach the class with your jump rings. 
All finished!
Xoxo, Alyssa 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lacy Petunia Scarf

This easy, one row repeat makes this wonderful lacy scarf! For such a simple pattern, it gives a stunning effect on any breezy spring day. 
I used one skein of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Petunia with size 10.5 needles. 
Co 36 sts, long tail. 
K2, *yo, k2tog, k2* repeat to last 2 sts, k2 
Repeat this row until you are almost out of yarn or to the desired length. 
Co loosely in knit. Weave in ends. 
I blocked this to open up the lace. It really increased the length and helped the edges to not curl in. 
My scarf is 8"x 75". 
This beautiful yarn looks great with this simple stitch pattern. It works up into a nice ombré effect as well. 
Enjoy this pattern!
Xoxo, Alyssa 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Crystal Wrapped Bracelet

This sparkly aqua bracelet is easy to make, with simple memory wire and some wire wrapping. 
Materials: crystal rondelles, memory wire, 28 gauge wire, wire cutters, and round nose pliers. 
Cute two loops of memory wire and make a loop at the end of each. 
Thread your crystals on the 28 gauge wire. 
Hold the two pieces of memory wire together and begin wrapping them with the wire. 
Gently space them apart as you keep wrapping, until the space is large enough for a bead. Place that crystal between the pieces of memory wire, and continue wrapping, placing a bead every other wrap to the front. 
Continue wrapping until it is almost a complete circle, then begin wrapping the pieces tighter. Wrap a few more times at then end, then trim the end of the wire. With your round nose pliers, make a loop with each piece of memory wire to finish it off. 
And that's it!
Xoxo, Alyssa 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Berrylicious Infinity Scarf

 This soft, simple stitch has a great drape. The bright pink color will add a pop of style to your outfit on any day. 
I used 2 skeins of Vanna's Choice in Berrylicious with a J hook. This scarf is worked in the round, by joining each row without turning. 
Ch 141. Join without twisting. 
Row 1: Ch 3, *dc2tog over next 2 chs, dc in last ch worked* repeat to end. Sl st in 3rd ch from beg ch 3. 
Row 2: Ch 3, *dc2tog over next 2 sts, dc in last st worked* repeat to end. Sl st in 3rd ch from beg ch 3. 
Repeat row 2 until out of yarn, or until desired width. Fasten off, and weave in ends. 
The left side of this picture is the right side, and the right side is the wrong side. Confused yet? I like both sides, and may even like the wrong side better.  My finished scarf is 9"x72". 
Xoxo, Alyssa