Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wire Rose Ring

This simple pink ring is an eye catching piece, while still being so fast and easy to assemble. 
Materials: 26 gauge wire, ring mandrel, bent nose pliers and wire cutters. 
Begin wrapping the wire around the mandrel, in the center of the wire. Make these first wraps about a size and a half larger that your actual ring size. Make four wraps to the base of the ring. 
To begin making the rose, twist the two pieces of wire together. 
Begin wrapping the wire around this center knot, wrapping underneath the last wrap. 
Continue wrapping one piece of wire at a time, alternating which piece you are using every few wraps. 
I find it helpful to start the rose off the mandrel, and then to put the ring back on for the last few wire wraps. When you have about 2" left of wire, make sure each piece is on the opposite side. Wrap the wire around the base of the ring three times. 
Trim the ends, and press them down with the pliers. 
All finished!
Xoxo, Alyssa 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ocean Net Scarf

This fluffy, netted infinity scarf is super easy to make and gives a beautiful oceanic feel. The light, airy stitch makes it perfect for spring or summer. This scarf makes me think summer will come- which is exactly what we need with this ridiculous never-ending cold!
I used one skein of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Tidal with an I hook. 
Ch 38
Row 1: sc in 10th ch from hook, *sk 3 ch, ch 7, sc in next ch; rep from * across, turn
Row 2: *ch 7, sc in next ch 7 loop; repeat from * across, turn
Repeat row two until your scarf is the desired length. 
Fasten off, seam ends together, weave in any remaining tails, and you're finished!
The finished scarf is 10"x 85". 
Enjoy this airy stitch and the scarf pattern!
Xoxo, Alyssa 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pink Crystal Drop Necklace

This pale pink necklace catches the light as it dances around your neck. The dainty chain perfectly matches the light pink crystals. 
Materials: two shapes of crystal beads in similar, matching colors, headpins, eyepins, chain, jump rings, clasp, bent nose pliers, round nose pliers, and wire cutters. 
Cut the chain into one long piece to go around your neck, and nine shorter pieces for the crystals.  The shorter pieces are each about 1" long. 
Make nine bead dangles. Attach a bead on a headpin to a bead on an eyepin, and attach the bead on the eyepin to the chain. 
Repeat eight more times, for a total of nine bead dangles. Open the last link of chain on a bead dangle, and attach it to the center link of the longer piece of chain. 
Repeat eight more times. 
Attach the clasp with jump rings.
 And you're finished!
Enjoy this necklace!
Xoxo, Alyssa 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Periwinkle Lace Shawl

This lacy triangular shawl will be perfect for spring with the soft blue color and the tiny sequins. 
I used two skeins of Loops and Threads Payette in Periwinkle Twinkle. I used size 7 circular needles to accommodate the large number of stitches. 
Co 3, longtail
Row 1: (k1,yo) twice, k1
Row 2 and all even rows: purl across
Row 3: (k1,yo) twice, pm, (k1,yo) twice, k1
Row 5: k1, yo, (k2tog, yo) to last st before marker, k1, yo, sm, k1, yo, k1, (yo, k2tog) to last st, yo, k1
Row 7: k1, yo, k to marker, yo, sm, k1, yo, k to last st, yo, k1

Repeat rows 4-7 until desired size. 
Bo after a row 6 using Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, or your favorite method of binding off loosely. 
Fasten off, and weave in all remaing ends. 
My finished shawl is 55" across the top, and 26" from the top to the point. 
I just love this lacy stitch for this shawl!
Enjoy this pattern!
Xoxo, Alyssa