Mobius Chain Bracelet

This delicate chain is simple to make once you get the technique of making mobius balls. The chain makes a perfect, delicate bracelet. 

Materials: aluminum jump rings (9mm), clasp, and bent nose pliers 
Attach two jump rings together. 
Attach a third, looping it through both jump rings. 
Attach a fourth and a fifth the same way. The trick to the mobius ball is to attach every jump ring to every other jump ring. 
Make another 5 jump ring mobius ball. 
Attach these together with a jump ring. 
Continue making mobius balls and attaching them together to form a chain. 
Once your chain is about as long as your wrist, attach a jump ring on either end, then attach the clasp with another jump ring. 
All finished!
Xoxo, Alyssa 


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