Ombré Earrings

These fun earrings can be made quickly in every color! These ombré beads came from A. C. Moore and come in other colors. I chose the neutral black to white combination for this tutorial. 
Materials: ombré bead strand, chain, ear wires, and bent nose pliers. If your beads do not come with jump rings, you will need those as well. 
Open the jump ring, and attach it to the last link of the chain. 
Continue to add beads. I used 6 black beads, 6 grey beads, and 6 clear beads on each earring. 
Cut the chain, leaving an unused link for the ear wire. Attach the ear wire to the unused link. 
Repeat for the second earring. 
I know I will get a ton of use out of these fun earrings. They are super sparkly and I love the dangling around my neck. 
I had to make every color!

Xoxo, Alyssa


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