Crocheted Wire Crystal Bracelet

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Time to start that frantic holiday crafting!
These delicate crystals are crocheted in chains, then braided to get this stunning bracelet. Simple to make, but super elegant. These crystals can be substituted with other beads, such as bead chips or round beads. 
Materials: 30 crystals or beads, 32 gauge wire, a lobster clasp, and a size I crochet hook. 
You will need basic crochet skills, or find a YouTube video to teach you how to chain. 
Cut a length of wire at about 3 feet. It's better to have more, since the wire can't easily be knotted together for a new piece. Thread 5 beads. Make a slip knot on the hook. 
Chain 5 without adding any beads. 
Crochet a bead into the chain. Chain 2, chain a bead, and continue until you have used all 5 beads. Chain 5, then finish off
Make 5 more of these chained wire pieces. 
Twist all 6 ends together on one side. 
Braid them together loosely, holding two strands for each of the three sections. 
Now twist the other end of the wire together. 
Trim the ends a little bit so you can easily thread the clasp. Bend the wire on half around the clasp. 
Twist the two parts of wire together to finish it off. 
Trim ends close to the bracelet with wire cutters. Repeat on the other side. 
And now you have a pretty bracelet! All it takes are some pretty beads and wire! 
So sparkly! Enjoy!
Xoxo, Alyssa


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