Wine Pearl and Crystal Earrings

I love earrings. I think I've mentioned that, but if I haven't, earrings are my absolute favorite thing in this universe. The rich color reminds me of a nice rich red wine, and the deep color of an eggplant. Perfect for the fall months!
Materials: 16 purple bicones- 4mm, 16 purple glass pearls- 6mm, two earring wires, a length of chain, 32 headpins, wire cutters, round nose pliers, and bent nose pliers. 
Thread each bead on a headpin, and bend it to a 90 degree angle. 
Make a loop, and attach it to the bottom of the chain. 
Continue with the rest of the beads, alternating between pearls and bicones. Attach the ear wire to an empty link of chain. 
Repeat to make the other earring. 
Enjoy these beautiful earrings!
Xoxo, Alyssa


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