Crystal Cuff Earring Set

I love earrings. I have decided I want a cartilage piercing, but I very nearly fainted when I got my second holes done. So, when the ear cuff came around, I decided I wanted one. Naturally, I made one- these are so easy to customize to fit your style. 
I love the sparkly crystals and delicate chain hanging between the lobe and cartilage. 
Materials: 8 crystals, 8 small head pins, a length of chain, a jump ring, and silver ball earrings with a small loop at the bottom. You will also need wire cutters, round nose pliers, and bent nose pliers. 
Attach one side of the chain to the earring, and the other to your jump ring. You can keep the jump ring open for this process, since that is what makes up the cuff. You might have to play around with how far you bend it open. Remember not to pull it apart, just side to side. 
Thread each crystal onto a head pin and make the loop, without closing it. 
Now attach the crystal to the chain, right underneath the link that connects it to the earring. 
Repeat with two more crystals, each underneath each other. Attach two more crystals to the jump ring section of the chain, below the link attached to the jump ring. 
Attach the last three crystals to the other earring. 
I just love these earrings, and can't wait to wear them. Best of all, I didn't have to have another needle shoved through my ear, and another fainting experience. :)

I really think they will go with everything, since they are silver and silver works with almost anything. If you had a cartilage piercing, you could make these with another earring post at the top instead of a jump ring. 
Look how messy my hair is!
I hope you love these earrings as much as I do! 
(Taking pictures of your own ear is very difficult)
Xoxo, Alyssa


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