Twin Wrap Bracelet

This wrap bracelet is a great thing to make with a nice focal bead and some pretty twin beads. It doesn't take all that many, so it's a great stash buster as well. 

Materials: seed beads, twin beads, large focal bead, beading wire, a crimp bead, and wire cutters. 
Cut a long length of wire, so that you have a little over double what you want the length to be. Thread enough seed beads onto the wire so that you can fit the focal bead through when it forms a loop. 
Thread a twin bead onto both strand of wire, and then a seed bead onto each end. Continue adding twin beads and seed beads in alternating rows. 
Thread beads until you can wrap it twice. If you want more wraps, just keep going, but make sure you have enough wire. When you have enough beads, thread a few beads onto both ends of wire. 
Thread the crimp bead, the focal bead, and a seed bead onto both ends held together. 
Thread both ends back through the crimp bead and the focal bead. Smush the crimp bead with a pair of pliers to secure it. Trim the ends of the wire so they aren't visible. 
All finished! I chose the focal bead because it matched the gold reflection on the tila beads, but it doesn't show up as well in the pictures. 
Xoxo, Alyssa 


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