Purple Chevron Infinity Scarf

This deep purple scarf will be a great knit for gifting. The chevron pattern makes for a fun, cozy texture. Make sure to knit yourself one!
I used 2 skeins of Vanna's Choice in Wild Berry with size 9 needles. 
Co 41 sts
Row 1: k5, *p1, k5; rep from * to end
Row 2: k1, *p3, k3; rep from *, end last rep k1
Row 3: p2, *k1, p2; rep from * to end
Row 4: p1, *k3, p3; rep from *, end last rep p1
Row 5: k2, *p1, k5: rep from *, end last rep k2
Row 6: p across

Repeat rows 1-6 until your scarf is the desired length of when you have run out of yarn. Bo in k after a row 6. 
Seam together, and weave in ends.
 My finished scarf is 12"x58".  I just love the thick, soft texture this chevron pattern makes!
Enjoy this pattern!
Xoxo, Alyssa 


  1. This is a beautiful motif and your scarf certainly looks cosy. And the color you chose is gorgeous. I pinned it for future reference.

  2. How do you get 42 stitches to come out using this pattern

    1. I'm not sure what you mean, but you cast in 42 sts at the beginning.

    2. Following the pattern, at the end of row one, there will be 1 stitch left. The pattern uses odd number of stitches and the cast on is even.

    3. Yes, I just noticed that, and I fixed it.

  3. Replies
    1. I fixed it right in the pattern. Read through it again, I changed the cast on to 41, and then changed something in another row.

  4. The scarf is very beautiful and I am anxious to get it started.

  5. Thank you, I will give this a try.


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