Sapphire Infinity Scarf- Crochet Pattern

This lacy Iris stitch scarf will become a staple in your closet. Although light and airy, it is quite warm. 
This scarf uses one skein of Patons Metallic in Blue Steel and an I hook. 

Cluster (cl): hold back last lp of stitch on hook, 2 dc, yo, pull through all lps on hook
Cluster shell (cl shell): (cl{ch 2, cl} twice) in indicated stitch
Half cluster shell(half cl shell): (cl, ch 2, dc) in indicated stitch
Beginning half cluster shell(beg half cl shell): ch 5, cl in same place as beg ch-5

Ch 31 (or a multiple of 5 plus 11) 
Row 1: cl in 6th ch from hook, (sk next 4 chs, cl shell in next ch) across to last 5 chs, sk 4 chs, half cl shell in last ch, turn
Row 2: ch 1, sc in dc, ch 4 (sc in center cl of next cl shell, ch 4) repeat across, ending with sc in 3rd ch or turning ch 5, turn
Row 3: beg half cl shell in first sc, cl shell in each sc across to last sc, half cl shell in last sc, turn
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until scarf is desired length or until you run out of yarn. 
Seam ends together, and weave in ends. 
My scarf is 60" x 6". It wraps nicely around the neck when wrapped twice. 
Here is a close up of the stitch. 
I hope you enjoy this pretty scarf!
Xoxo, Alyssa


  1. I have some of this yarn, but wasn't sure what pattern to use for it--now I know! Thanks for sharing your pattern with all of us--blessings!

  2. this is really beautiful. thank you for sharing how you made it. :)

  3. what kind of other yarn can i use other than Patons? I live in a very small town and Wal-Mart carries very limited yarn. UGH!

    1. You can use any worsted weight yarn, and use the I hook.


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