Blue Braided Bracelet

This simple braided bracelet will accessorize any outfit and you can make them in every color!
Materials: bead mix, beading wire, crimp beads, clasp, and bent nose pliers. 
Cut a piece of wire about 4 inches longer than your wrist. Crimp it to the clasp. 
Thread enough beads for about an inch longer than your wrist. Since it will be braided, it will lose some length. 
Repeat twice more for a total of three strands. I taped the ends of the wire so the beads would stay in place as I was braiding. 
Braid the strands together. 
Finish off the other end of the clasp, taking the tape off as you go. 
All done! Enjoy this fun bracelet!
Xoxo, Alyssa


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