Geometric Earrings

These earrings are cute and sparkly, and full of interesting geometry! There is the circular silver piece, and then, of course, the pretty hexagon crystal bead!
Materials: ear wires, 6mm and 4mm jump rings, silver circle pieces, crystal beads, head Linda, round nose pliers, bent nose pliers, and wire cutters.
Thread a bead onto a headpin, then bend, trim the excess, and form a loop. 
Attach two 6mm jump rings to each other. Attach one to the ear wire, and the other to the silver circle. 
Using the 4mm jump ring, attach the crystal to the 6mm jump ring that is holding the silver circle. 
Repeat to make the second earring. 
All finished!
Enjoy these earrings!
Xoxo, Alyssa 
The hexagon crystal beads used are from


  1. I really love these! You are so talented!! I keep thinking about making jewelry, but it all throws me for a loop!

    Linda in VA

    1. Thank you! You can always start small with jewelry! You'll be able to pick up the skills in no time!


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