Sparkly Silver Necklace

This pretty necklace is super easy to make, and great for spring or summer with the floral rhinestone accents. 
Materials: flower accent beads, two sizes of crystal beads, rhinestone chain and end pieces, eyepins, circular accent piece, chain, jump rings, clasp, bent nose pliers, round nose pliers, and wire cutters. 
Attach the end pieces to the chain by bending the prongs around the last rhinestone. 
Attach a jump ring to either end of the rhinestone chain, and attach the circular piece to one side. 
Now attach the rhinestone flowers to the circle with another jump ring and to the jump ring on the other end. 
Begin making a bead chain by threading a bead, bending the end, trimming, and forming a loop. Continue attaching beads until you have your desired length. 
Attach the bead chain to the circle and the jump ring. 
Repeat once more, with the smaller beads. 
Attach a length of chain to either side of the bib part of the necklace with a jump ring. 
Attach a clasp to the ends of the chain. 
All finished! This would be lovely in gold too!
Xoxo, Alyssa 


  1. This is so cute and I think in gold I would love it too! great job!
    Just found your blog!
    Ntina from

  2. Thanks for your post. I’ve been thinking about writing a very comparable post over the last couple of weeks, I’ll probably keep it short and sweet and link to this instead if thats cool. Thanks. Sterling Silver Necklace 


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