Little Triangles Cowl

This shimmery cowl has a beautiful lavender color, as well as a delightful squishy quality. It scrunched up so wonderfully around my neck. 
I used a little over one skein of Red Heart Shimmer in Purple. This is knit with size 6 circular needles, and is knit in the round. 
Co 154, join
Rounds 1 and 14: knit across
Rounds 2 and 13: (p1, k6), repeat across 
Rounds 3 and 12: (p2, k5), repeat across
Rounds 4 and 11: (p3, k4), repeat across
Rounds 5 and 10: (p4, k3), repeat across
Rounds 6 and 9: (p5, k2), repeat across
Rounds 7 and 8: (p6, k1), repeat across 
Repeat this 14 row pattern as many times as you would like. I used just a few yards from the second skein, and I did 6 repeats. 
Bo loosely, after a row 14. Weave in ends, and it's finished!
I love the little triangles in this cowl. The finished cowl is 11"x35". To change the length, add or subtract a multiple of 7. 
I hope you enjoy this pattern!
Xoxo, Alyssa 


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