Pearl and Crystal Earrings

These sparkly earrings will look great for a night out! They're super easy, and take about ten minutes!
Materials: two focals (mine are from Michaels), 4mm pearls, headpins, kidney ear wires, bent nose pliers, round nose pliers, and wire cutters. 
Thread a pearl onto a headpin, bend, and trim. Wrap the loop, and before closing, attach to the focal, then close. 
Repeat until you have five pearls for each earring. 
Attach a kidney wire to the pearl and crystal focal. 
Repeat for the other earring. 
All finished!
Wasn't that fast and easy for such a pretty result?
Xoxo, Alyssa 


  1. Wow this looks great! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream's City of Links on Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again this week :)

  2. oui tres facile et j'aime et partage,

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