Icicle Wrapped Bracelet

This shiny bracelet reflects in bright light, just like icicles hanging from the roof on a sunny day. It is certainly very fitting for all the snow that has been coming recently. 
Materials: AB finish bugle beads, AB 4mm bicones, 28 gauge wire, and a wire bracelet form. 
Thread the crystals and bugles on the wire in random order for several feet. It is better to thread more than you need, because it's not as easy to add more beads once you are wrapping. 
Wrap the end of the wire around the bracelet form a few times to secure it. 
Wrap the wire with beads to the front of the form, and wrap around the inside with no beads. 
Continue wrapping until your form is covered. Trim the end of the wire to leave a few inches, and wrap around the form to secure the other side. 
All finished!
Xoxo, Alyssa 


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