Metallic Shell Charm Bracelet

Summer is great. Warm, sunny days at the pool, no school, and going to the beach. It's a time of year when one can wear shell jewelry. I'm going to share my tutorial for this glittery shell bracelet. 

Here are the materials: 8 various small shells, chain the length of your wrist, gold/bronze nail polish, clasp, 8 jump rings, 2 smaller jump rings, bead reamer for making holes, wire cutters, bent nose pliers. 
Drill a hole in each shell with the bead reamer. 
With the nail polish, give each shell a thin coat. 
Attach the clasp to the chain with the 2 small jump rings. 
Attach each shell with a jump ring. Try to space them evenly around the chain. 
There is is! Finished!
This bracelet looks like it will be great for these summer months. It's thin and dainty, and would look nice layered with other bracelets.
Why does my arm look so awkward in pictures?
This bracelet is so easy to make and only took me about 20 minutes. 
Xoxo, Alyssa


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