Beaded Bead Bracelet

I've recently discovered a way to make these tiny beaded balls. I've made them into a bracelet, and I'm going to tell you my method here. 
Materials: 100 4mm glass pearls, fishing line, beading wire, clasp, 2 crimp beads, scissors, and crimping pliers. 
Cut about a foot of the fishing line. Thread 4 pearls onto the fishing line. Thread one of the ends through the last bead, opposite the direction of the other end.
Pull tight, to make a circle with a piece of cord coming from either side. 
Add 2 pearls on one side, and 1 on the other. Push the cord through the 2nd bead on the side with two beads. Now that bead is being shared. 
Pull tight. It will start to curl in. 
Repeat once more, so there are 3 circles. 
Add 1 bead on both sides of the cord. 
Thread both cord ends into the center bead from the first circle you made. 
Pull tight, thread through a few beads to get the ends together, and tie several knots. If you wish, you can add a drop of glue. 
I'm not sure why this forms a ball, but when you pull tight, it suddenly appears!
Cut ends close to the ball. Make 5 more balls this same way. 
Crimp your clasp in place, then thread 4 pearls, a ball, then 4 more pearls. Continue until you have all of the balls on your bracelet. Add a crimp bead, the other side of the clasp, then crimp it. 
Enjoy this fun bracelet! These beaded balls can be made with other beads, such as bicones or crystals. 
Xoxo, Alyssa 


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