Turquoise and Silver Fringe Earrings

These earrings will swing delicately around your neck for a great fashion statement! I love turquoise and silver, and wear turquoise often, so these earrings are a perfect addition to my wardrobe! 
Materials: small beads in two colors, beading thread, eyepins, bead caps, ear wires, bent nose pliers, round nose pliers, and not pictured- wire cutters and super glue. 
Cut a piece of beading thread about 20" and thread a bead. Add another, but thread both ends of the thread through this bead. 
Continue adding beads to both pieces of thread. 
Repeat for three more beaded strands. 
Tie the four strands together around the eyepin. Place a drop of superglue on the knot, and let dry for a few minutes. 
Trim the ends of thread close to the knot. Thread the eyepin through the bead cap, and hide the knot. Bend the eyepin, trim excess, and form a loop. Attach to the ear wire. 
Repeat steps for the other earrings, making sure to keep the amount of beads per strand the same. 
That's all there to these earrings! Super easy to make, but they have a beautiful result. 
Xoxo, Alyssa 


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