Black and White Chunky Bracelet

This 10 strand bracelet will be the focal of your outfit. It makes a huge statement! The neutral colors also makes it very elegant. 

Materials: 10 kinds of beads- I used glass pearls, bicones, and other glass or metal beads, bow charms or other charms, 10 strand clasp, crimp beads, bent nose pliers, and beading wire,
Attach a piece of wire to the clasp with a crimp bead. 
Thread some beads. If you want to add a charm, finish it off like you would a clasp, then on the other side of the charm, add more wire and continue stringing beads. Attach the end to the other part of the clasp. 
Repeat 9 more times. 
I used 4 bow charms, and placed them randomly on strands. 
This bracelet is sure to bring compliments. The simple colors will make it go with any outfit. 

Xoxo, Alyssa 


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